20yrs of Lafrowda Day – multimedia exhibition at the Knut

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As one of the famous four instigators of Lafrowda Day, Mary Ann welcomes you to an exciting look back at the last 20yrs of this wonderful day. Focused on the days three processions you will see photographs of the many processional banners, images and lanterns; you will be able to look through programmes and press pieces; there will be slideshows and film showings and even some of Graham Jobbins (another of the famous four!)  past pieces. All this plus great refreshments and yummy homemade biscuits.The Archive will be open on: Thursday 14th 10am – 7pm, Friday 15th 10am – 7pm and Saturday 16th July (Lafrowda Day) 10am – 3pm & 4 – 6pm.

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